2019-05-21 - video clip

Mistress Jaylen makes her slave girl get down on her knees to sniff and lick on her sweaty socks before worshipping on her bare feet





2019-05-17 - picture gallery

Mistress Arielle rests her sweaty blue socks on the face of her foot slave and enjoys smothering them all over him while he is busy sniffing and suck on her foot sweat





2019-05-12 - picture gallery

Mistress Jaylene is interviewing her female slave and orders her down to her knees to worship on her long socks and to lick and sniff on them before taking them off to work on her bare feet





2019-05-08 - video clip

Mistress Joslyn is having her meal and rests her socked feet on the dining table where her slave is busy worshipping on her socks





2019-04-29 - video clip

Mistress Aine enjoys the warm sunlight at the window while her slave girl crawls over to worship on her smelly socks





2019-04-24 - picture gallery

Mistress Aine lazes on the cushion and summons a slave girl to crawl over at her feet to worship and lick on her sweaty socks while she looks at her pathetic sock slave girl from above





2019-04-18 - video clip






2019-04-13 - picture gallery

Mistress Aine lazes on the sofa for a nap and her slave girl sneaks to her feet and worship on her sweaty socks she's been wearing and hungrily gags on them





2019-04-09 - video clip

Mistress Indica fell asleep on the sofa as her slave sneaks in to worship and lick all over her socks, when she wakes up she realizes slimy sticky substances on them not knowing what happened





2019-04-04 - video clip

Mistress Aine summons her slave girl over as she sits on top of her bed and makes her slave girl worship and lick on her sweaty socks after a day of walking in them





2019-03-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Indica fell asleep on the cushion and her slave sneaked to her feet and worship on her socks licking all over them when she woke up she found her socks to be wet with slimy substance and took them off not knowing what happened while she was napping





2019-03-26 - picture gallery

Mistress Aine lazes on her bed after a long day outdoors and summons her slave girl to smell and worship on her socks while she lazes at her bedside and enjoys the submission





2019-03-20 - video clip

Mistress Daisy is lazing on the cushion on a lazing sunday reading a magazine while her foot slave kneels beside her trying to worship on her socked feet to please his Mistress





2019-03-15 - video clip

Mistress Cass sits at the table and orders her kneeling slave girl to get to work removing her shoes and suck on her sweaty black socks while she gives her no attention at all busy messaging with her phone






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