2016-06-27 - picture gallery

Mistress Bella is having fun an enjoying the superiority over her slave as she makes her slave under her feet remove her shoes and sniff on her sweaty socks before she teases on his face with her bare feet





2016-06-23 - video clip

Mistress Olivia sits beside the fire place and reads a book while getting her socked feet worshipped by her kneeling slave





2016-06-20 - video clip

Mistress Bella orders her slave to sniff on her sneakers before burying her sweaty socks onto his face and makes him sniff on it





2016-06-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Olivia sits at the fire place and reads a book while her slave sniffs and worship on her thick cotton socks





2016-06-13 - picture gallery

Mistress Bella gets her slave down on the floor where he belongs and forces her socked foot into his mouth to get him before just burying them on his face as her foot stool





2016-06-09 - video clip

Mistress Olivia rests her tired socked feet on the table and has her slave worshipping on them before removing them to suck on her toes





2016-06-06 - video clip

Mistress Sablique has her slave sniffing on her white sports socks while she teases them on his face





2016-06-02 - picture gallery

Mistress Olivia rests her socked feet on the table and makes her slave worship on them before removing her socks to suck on her toes





2016-05-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Sablique is back from sports and makes her slave sniff on her sweaty white socks while she lazes on the cushion and teases him





2016-05-26 - video clip

Mistress Bella flexes her toes to attract her slave to the smell of her sweaty socks and makes him worship on them fresh from a jog





2016-05-23 - video clip

Mistress Olivia is working at her laptop while resting her socked feet on the face of her slave busy worshipping on them





2016-05-19 - picture gallery

Mistress Bella is back from her jog and buries her smelly white socks on her slave's nose and makes him sniff hard and taste on them for her amusement





2016-05-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Olivia is working with her laptop while her socked feet is buried on the face of her slave busy sniffing and worshipping on them





2016-05-12 - video clip

Mistress Bella sits on the sofa and torments her slave with her smelly white socks and bare feet






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