2015-10-08 - picture gallery

Mistress Vanessa sits on top of the stool and buries her sweaty socks all over her slave girl's face before forcing her socked foot and gagging her





2015-10-05 - picture gallery

Mistress Kylie is home after a long day outdoors as she sits at the dining table for her slave to feast on her sweaty socks





2015-10-01 - video clip

Mistress Sandi smothers her moist sweaty socks all over her slave girl's face after she removes her boots





2015-09-28 - video clip

Mistress Cheyenne relaxes and reads a book while resting her socked feet over her slave's face and smothers all over him





2015-09-24 - picture gallery

Mistress Sandi orders her slave girl down on her knees to smell and taste on her sweaty socks baked in her boots all day long and get used to their scent smothering them all over her face





2015-09-21 - picture gallery

Mistress Cheyenne smothers her socks all over her slave's face lying under her feet while she reads a magazine and relaxes





2015-09-17 - video clip

Mistress Vanessa sits high up on the stool and watches from above her slave girl sucking on her toes after removing her socks





2015-09-14 - video clip

Mistress Kylie rubs her sweaty grey socks all over her slave's face lying under her feet





2015-09-10 - picture gallery

Mistress Vanessa makes her slave girl worship on her sweaty socks while she sits back and enjoys the service





2015-09-07 - picture gallery

Mistress Kylie smothers her exercise socks all over the face of her slave lying underneath





2015-09-03 - video clip

Mistress Cheyenne smothers her moist sweaty socks after a day of biking outdoors on the face of her slave





2015-08-30 - video clip

Mistress Cameron lies on the bed and plays with her phone while she gets her socked feet licked and sucked on by her foot slave at the bedside





2015-08-27 - picture gallery

Mistress Cheyenne is back from a long day of biking and treats her slave under her feet to a feast of smelly socks while she sums up the day with her friends on the phone





2015-08-24 - picture gallery

Mistress Cameron lazes on the bed after her gym session and has her attending slave to worship and lick on her sweaty socks






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