2014-10-19 - picture gallery

Mistress Tiffany is having fun smothering her smelly white socks all over the face of her foot slave under her feet





2014-10-15 - picture gallery

Mistress Anna crosses her legs and gets her slave to worship on her sports socks while she teases him





2014-10-11 - video clip

Mistress Megan is playing with her phone while having her dirty socks and feet worshipped by her submissive slave girl





2014-10-07 - video clip

Mistress Bianca is enjoying teasing her slave with her smelly socks dangling them at his nose before smothering all over his face





2014-10-04 - picture gallery

Mistress Megan plays with her phone while her slave girl is busy smelling on her work out socks before removing them to suck on her sweaty bare feet





2014-09-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Bianca lazes on the bed and teases her slave with her smelly socks she's been wearing all day long





2014-09-26 - video clip

Mistress Shauna is enjoying her time teasing her slave who is on his knees busy worshipping on her sweaty socksgiving her a foot massage





2014-09-22 - picture gallery

Mistress Bella gets her slave girl down on her knees to worship on her sweaty purple socks after her workout





2014-09-18 - picture gallery

Mistress Shauna lazes on the cushion and teases her slave with her smelly white socks while he is busy snifing on them





2014-09-14 - video clip

Mistress Megan is playing with her fingers while smothering her sweaty socks on her slave's face who is busy worshipping on them





2014-09-10 - video clip

Mistress Tiffany is having her sweaty socks sucked and worshipped by her slave while she lazes on the bed and plays with her phone ignoring his presence





2014-09-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Megan lazes on the couch and plays with her nails while her foot slave worship and taste on her sweaty socks she's been wearing the whole day





2014-09-02 - picture gallery

Mistress Tiffany lazes on the bed playing with her phone while she has her slave worshipping her sweaty white socks after exercise





2014-08-29 - video clip

Mistress Bianca enjoys a foot service from her slave who remove her boots and sniffs on her sweaty socks before sucking on her toes






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