2020-04-10 - picture gallery

Mistress Jaylin lazes on the sofa and gets her slave girl to remove her sneakers to worship on her sweaty long socks as she sits back and enjoys the foot service while picking on her slave girl





2020-04-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Chrissy rests her smelly socked feet on the laps of her slave girl after her workout to have her worship on her smelly socks and removes them to suck on her dirty bare feet





2020-04-02 - video clip

Mistress Kiki lies on the sofa with her friend lazing around and suddenly she teases him with her exercise socks and makes him worship on them





2020-03-29 - video clip

Mistress Chrissy orders her slave girl to get down on her knees and worship on her long pink socks while she sits back and relaxes paying little attention to her, she then instructs her to lie on the floor as she smothers her socks on her face before gagging her bare feet on her slave girl\'s mouth





2020-03-26 - picture gallery

Mistress Kiki sits back on the cushion and smothers her sweaty socks on the face of her slave who is busy worshipping on them






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