2018-10-18 - picture gallery

Mistress Carmen comes back home and lies flat on the bed for a nap after a tired gym session as her slave takes the chance to sneak to her bedside and worship on her smelly socks





2018-10-14 - video clip

Mistress Shavelle summons her slave to her bedside and makes him worship on her white socks while she pays little attention to his existence





2018-10-10 - video clip

Mistress Kali summons her slave girl to crawl before her to gag on her long pinkish socks and worship all over them





2018-10-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Shavelle lies on her bed while her slave kneels at her bedside and is commanded to worship on his Mistress's long white socks





2018-10-02 - picture gallery

Mistress Kali sits back and lazes on the cushion while her slave girl kneels before her and gags on her socked feet to amuse her Mistress who continues teasing and tormenting her slave girl with her socks





2018-09-24 - video clip

Mistress Austin sits on top on the belly of her slave and presses her long pink socks hard on her slave's face and smothers them all over him while he gets busy worshipping on her socks





2018-09-20 - video clip

Mistress Carmen sits on top of her slave and tries to gag him with her sweaty socks before giving him some sock slaps on his face





2018-09-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Austin sits on top of her slave and plays with her phone while she smothers her long pink socks on the face of her slave who is busy worshipping on them





2018-09-12 - picture gallery

Mistress Carmen sits on top of her slave and talks on the phone with her friend while smothering her sweaty socks all over her slave's face who is trying to get used to her smelly socks





2018-09-08 - video clip

Mistress Carmen orders her slave on his knees to remove her socks and give her tired feet a nice foot rub and worship





2018-09-04 - video clip

Mistress Austin makes her slave leave sniff every bit and taste every drip of the sweat on her white socks after her intense volleyball session





2018-08-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Carmen sits back on the cushion and gets her slave to worship on her socks before removing them to lick all over her sweaty bare feet





2018-08-26 - picture gallery

Mistress Austin decides to make her slave sniff and suck all the sweat of her long white socks before she is going to take her shower after a sweaty session of volleyball





2018-08-22 - video clip

Mistress Carmen talks on the phone while she plays with her slave lying underneath her feet making him worship on her sweaty socks while she crushes his face with her feet






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