2020-01-17 - video clip

Mistress Haze lazes on the cushion and talks on the phone while her quiet slave obediently worships on her sweaty white socks after her workout





2020-01-13 - video clip

Mistress Jaylin is resting on her bed after a tired day of shopping while her slave girl takes her socked feet in her hands to sniff on her Mistress's socks and worship on her tired feet





2020-01-09 - picture gallery

Mistress Haze is back and lazes on the cushion while having her slave boy smelling and licking on her sweaty white socks she's been wearing for her exercise all morning and she pays little attention to him talking on the phone while being serviced





2020-01-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Jaylin has having fun making her slave girl appreciate the smell of her sweaty socks while she lazes on her bed and relaxes on a lazy afternoon





2019-12-29 - video clip

Mistress Kiki dominates her slave making him lick the dirt off the bottom of her sneakers before removing them to smell and taste on her sweaty socks





2019-12-24 - picture gallery

Mistress Amity relaxes at home on a lazy day with her female foot servant kneeling beside serving on her socks and feet





2019-12-20 - picture gallery

Mistress Kiki is back from her workout and summons her slave over to serve at her feet as she orders the dirt on her shoe soles to be licked clean before she makes him sniff on her smelly socks trapped in her trainers all day long





2019-12-16 - video clip

Mistress Jen comes back from her workout to find her slave girl lazing on her bed as she makes her awake by sniffing on her sweaty socks





2019-12-12 - video clip

Mistress Haze smothers her long white socks on the face of her slave before she gags him with her socks





2019-12-07 - picture gallery

Mistress Jen is having fun gagging her smelly socks into the mouth of her slave girl who is forced to worship on them and she has no choice but to obey





2019-12-03 - picture gallery

Mistress Haze gags her sweaty white socks into the mouth of her slave lying under her feet before smothering her socks all over his face





2019-11-27 - video clip

Mistress Amity puts on her purple long socks and her slave girl can't wait to worship on them while her Mistress sits back and relaxes on the sofa





2019-11-23 - picture gallery

Mistress Amity has her slave girl help to put on her pair of purple socks and she lazes on the cushion to enjoy her submission worshipping on her socks and bare feet





2019-11-17 - video clip

Mistress Jaylin sits back and enjoys having her slave worshipping on her long pink socks before licking in between her toes on her bare feet






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