2015-04-22 - picture gallery

Mistress Nikki summons her slave to crawl over as she teases him with her sweaty socks and makes him sniff on them before sucking off her foot sweat





2015-04-19 - picture gallery

Mistress Alexis lies down and gags her sweaty socks into the mouth of her foot slave busy attending to her feet





2015-04-15 - video clip

Mistress Kelly is lazing on the bed and teasing with her slave girl who is busy worshipping all over her socks





2015-04-12 - video clip

Mistress Anna demands her slave worship on her socks before removing them to suck on her toes





2015-04-09 - picture gallery

Mistress Kelly is enjoying having her socks worshipped by her submissive slave girl kneeling at her bed side while she takes a nap





2015-04-05 - picture gallery

Mistress Anna makes her slave worship on her sweaty socks before he is allowed to taste on her bare feet





2015-04-02 - video clip

Mistress Alice is sipping on her drink and lazing on the couch while her slave kneeling before her sniffing and kissing all over her smelly socks





2015-03-29 - video clip

Mistress Rapture is smothering her sweaty black socks after a gym session on the face of her slave beneath her





2015-03-26 - picture gallery

Mistress Alice is having her wool socks worshipped by her slave while she drinks coffee and relaxes teasing on her foot slave





2015-03-23 - picture gallery

Mistress Rapture smothers her smelly black socks over the face of her slave lying under her





2015-03-20 - video clip

Mistress Alexis orders her slave to get down on his knees to worship on her sweaty purple socks while she smothers all over his face and kicks at his face for her amusement





2015-03-17 - video clip

Mistress Anna is having a session with her foot slave as he gets down on his knees to worship on her socked feet while she flogs him on his back





2015-03-13 - picture gallery

Mistress Alexis sits on top and has her purple socks worshipped by her foot slave while she buries them all over his face





2015-03-10 - picture gallery

Mistress Anna walks around while her slave crawls on the floor and worships on her socks and gets flogged if he is not keeping up with his Mistress






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