2014-08-25 - video clip

Mistress Megan enjoys feeling her slave's breath on the bottom of her smelly exercise socks after hours at the gym





2014-08-21 - picture gallery

Mistress Bianca lazes on the sofa and has her slave remove her boots to worship on her sweaty socks





2014-08-18 - picture gallery

Mistress Megan sits high up on the bench and smothers and crushes her sweaty white socks on her slave's face





2014-08-14 - video clip

Mistress Megan awakens her foot slave lying at her feet to worship on her socks





2014-08-11 - video clip

Mistress Bianca makes her slave sniff on her well worn toe socks before smothering all over her face





2014-08-07 - picture gallery

Mistress Megan lazes on the bed and makes her foot slave sniff and worship on her greenish socked feet she's been wearing all day





2014-08-03 - picture gallery

Mistress Bianca makes her slave taste on her toe socks while she smothers them all over his face





2014-07-30 - video clip

Mistress Sarah buries her socks on the face of her slave under her feet and makes him sniff on them





2014-07-26 - video clip

Mistress Anna dominates her foot slave making him gag on her sweaty socks





2014-07-22 - picture gallery

Mistress Anna sits back and teases on her foot slave as she buries her socks all over his face kicking on them and making him gag on her sweaty socks





2014-07-18 - picture gallery

Mistress Sarah sits over her slave boy and smothers her sweaty socks all over his face before making him lick all over them





2014-07-14 - video clip

Mistress Cheyenne makes her slave girl lying underneath her feet suck on her toe socks





2014-07-10 - video clip

Mistress Anna makes her slave lick the bottom of her sneakers before removing them to smell on her smelly socks





2014-07-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Cheyenne smothers her toe socks all over the face of her slave girl trying hard to worship and lick on her Mistress's socks






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